I have two main research interests. In my Branding stream of research (doctoral thesis topic), I study how macro-level factors such as terrorism, pandemics, or political climate change consumers’ brand preferences. In my Psychology of Technology stream of research, I study how consumers interact with technology and use data.

I use quantitative, experimental, and qualitative methods in my research. I have scraped publicly available data from online sources (project: How New Product Names Influence Funding Outcomes on Crowdfunding Platforms), analysed large datasets econometrically (> 1,000,000 observations, project: How Political Polarization Affects Persuasiveness of Consumer Reviews), employed difference-in-differences method on field experiments (project: The Impact of Mortality Salience on Brand Preference), worked with proprietary datasets (project: How Political Elections Impact Brand Equity), conducted in-depth interviews (paper: Corporate Brand Identity Co-Creation in Business-to-Business Contexts), and designed online and lab experiments (multiple projects).

You can download my Research Statement here.


Luffarelli J., Delre S.A., and Landgraf, P. (Conditionally Accepted/Forthcoming), How has the Effect of Brand Personality on Customer-Based Brand Equity Changed over Time? Longitudinal Evidence from a Panel Data Set Spanning 18 Years, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Iglesias, O., Landgraf, P., Ind, N., Markovic, S., and Koporcic, N. (2020), Corporate Brand Identity Co-Creation in Business-to-Business ContextsIndustrial Marketing Management, 85(2), 32- 43.

How New Product Names Influence Funding Outcomes on Crowdfunding Platforms – with A. Stamatogiannakis and J. Luffarelli; R&R at Journal of Product Innovation Management

The Impact of Mortality Salience on Brand Preference – with A. Stamatogiannakis and H. Yang; R&R at International Journal of Research in Marketing

How Political Elections Impact Brand Equity – with A. Stamatogiannakis and H. Yang

How Does Political Polarization Affect Persuasiveness of Consumer Reviews – with N. Lurie, A. Stamatogiannakis, and S. Calderon

Psychology of Technology

The Psychology of Consumer-Driven Media Censorship – with T. Kim, under review at Journal of Consumer Research

Guha, S., and Landgraf, P. (2021). Sustainable Data Management, in: Handbook of Sustainability-driven Business Strategies in Practice. Edward Elgar.

Approaching Data Sustainability: How to Nudge Consumers (and Firms) to Adopt Sustainable Data Management Practices; Award winner in the 2021 EMAC-Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition (€5,000)

Consumer Emotions in Response to Algorithm-Generated Recommendations – with T. Kim; Recipient of the UVA Batten Institute Research Grant 2020 ($8,682)

The Impact of Digital Avatars on Persuasion – with A. Stamatogiannakis

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